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A Chloris

If it be true,Chloris, that thou lovst me,
And I understand that thou dost love me well,
I do not believe that even kings
Could know such happiness as mine.
How unwelcome death would be,
If it came to exchange my fortune
With the joy of heaven!
All that they say of ambrosia
Does not fire my imagination
Like the favour of thine eyes.

Eighteenth Century Russian Lady

Isn't she beautiful?  
A recent commission byodin_za_vseh

18th century Russian lady by odin_za_vseh
18th century Russian lady by odin_za_vseh



Mother,aged sixteen,on her way to Grandma's fête champêtre


Mother on her way to a ball...Mexico City


Quantum Leap

Uncle Alfonso ...early fifties...Mexico City

Niña Bonita

Aunt Luisa,aged 14,in a Mexican Outfit...

Angel Feathers

Aunt Luisa on her way to heaven....Aged six.